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OLYMPUS PEN E-P1…This is cool

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera…

As olympusian, I’m eager to try this new Pen camera series..and from what I have read, The nickname “OLYMPUS PEN” comes from company’s legendary half-frame film camera, which was released in October 1959 and rapidly swept across the world, sold a total of 17 million units worldwide and forever popularizing the joy of photography with people everywhere.

And now olympus is giving a new life to the Pen series by introducing all new Pen camera with “micro four-third” systems and it is in Digital standard of cause..

And when I first start to pick E-520 as my first DSLR, it is her four-third system that catch my attention, it’s an award winning and I think the systems is quite innovative..

I’m not going to do a marketing job for olympus here but when they claim…it’s not compact, not DSLR but with DSLR features, interchangeable lens & compatible with my four-third lens, 6 art filter, lightweight…I guess it must be like compact+DSLR+Lomo…I think it’s cool..

But the problem is when can I got one, no..not at this moment…haha..


2 responses

  1. salamz bro..
    how much will it cost in Msia?
    cm menarik… ive read the articles about it..

    June 28, 2009 at 7:47 pm

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